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Our Story

Sit down. Get comfortable. This is going to be a long one. (But I promise you’ll love us by the end of it). 

It all started in 2006. A Midwest girl takes a banking internship in London, England after college. She meets a charming Brit at work but isn’t interested in anything more than friendship with him because she couldn’t stand the thought of a long-distance relationship.

She also has the next ten years of her life fully planned out: she’s enrolled on a master’s programme, her friends and family are expecting her back, and she’s been offered a job in the marketing department of a small but growing search engine (with a very strange-sounding name) that has ramped up hiring on the East Coast.

But life takes her on interesting twists and turns. She gives in to the persistent Prince Charming. They had a small but beautiful wedding on the Devonshire coast, spent the most magical three months backpacking all across Europe, and then they moved in to the only place they could afford - a shoebox apartment in the leafy suburb of Richmond, South London.

Eight years, three gorgeous kids and a picturesque town house later … He is an independent accountant and she is a very successful marketing executive, working from home three days a week.  

They have a very comfortable life in London, but a little voice in the back of their heads nags at them both: Is this it? Have we just settled into the rat race without realising it? What happened to dreams of changing the world? And what about the kids – is the little park at the bottom of the road the extent of their experience of nature and wildlife?

And that was it. The seed was planted. “Imagine if…” turned into “How would we…” and “What about…” They fell in love with a small city called Fontana in California. It had everything they needed. A national forest in their back yard. Great schools. He looked into green cards and freelance work and it turned out he had a very in-demand set of skills.

She had other plans. She had a vision. A vision that was born from a problem. 

Sitting thousands of miles away from her own family – and in-laws that were on the other side of the country – she experienced a difficult first pregnancy. She didn’t know what to expect. She didn’t know how to prepare. And she didn’t have the wider support network to answer her questions. Questions about the best way to sleep when pregnant, the best food to eat, how to deal with the blues and anxiety. What are the best blankets to wrap a newborn in? Did breastfeeding hurt for other women to? Where are the other mothers that also want someone to talk to?

The lack of high-quality content, products and a support network made life difficult for her. And for millions of other women too, she concluded.

And there was the inspiration she was looking for.

She wanted to create it. No, she needed to create it. A lifestyle community that puts mother and child first. A brand where the users create, shape and perfect the content and the products and support one another in every mother-related issue.

Because put it this way: why should we [mothers] just review that pregnancy lower-back support? Why not actually listen to our customers and create something better? Something that has been built with love and care – from the feedback of years of wisdom and experience.

And so Fontana Shaw was born.

You can meet the team below. But we’re not the important ones. The community is. You and your little ones are important. Your happiness, care and safety are most important.

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